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“I feel guilty because I should be doing more to help our environment”

“The amount of information available is overwhelming

“I have no idea where to start

“I don’t want to change my lifestyle

“I still want to have fun and do the things I enjoy”

“Eco-friendly products are expensive

“I’d like to support a charity but I have no idea which”

Sound familiar?

You are not alone!

Living sustainably can be can be frustrating and expensive. The information out there is confusing and overwhelming.

You’re spending hours researching ways to be more sustainable as a family. And it all seems a little bit complicated, not very fun and you don’t really want to have to change your lifestyle completely, so you’re never sure that you’re doing the right things.  

But what if you were able to find simple, positive steps that you could try at your own pace to work out what works for YOU, without any judgement from anyone else.

If you could join a community of families just like yours who are working towards the very same goals as you? People who would provide feedback and support, and push you to dream bigger

What if at the same time you could save money and support charities who are working hard to physically make our world a better place through positive action?

What if sustainability was fun and enjoyable! And you could focus on the positive actions being taken around the world instead of the negativity?

What if you knew you could get all the support you needed to become more sustainable — and you could actually afford it?

Welcome to Raising Earth Membership

We’re bringing many people together to imperfectly make the world a better place whilst having fun at the same time!

If you're...

…tired of searching the internet for products and suggestions

…overwhelmed by all the information out there

…frustrated when you can’t figure out what you should do

…confused about what difference you can actually make

…worried that being sustainable is too expensive

…ready to take action but don’t want to turn your life upside down

…want to help charities but don’t have a lot of money to spare 

Then you need to join Raising Earth today.  

Join us and have fun

Welcome to Raising Earth Membership

Join Us to...

💚 Become more sustainable as a family in a way that works for YOU – through easy actionable steps.

💚 Have fun with family friendly challenges.

💚 Save money on a wide range of eco-friendly products and services with exclusive discounts just for you.

💚 Find everything you need and want in one easy to navigate place – no more trawling the internet to find the right products for your family.

💚 Help charities all over the world and see the incredible work they are doing and how important it is.

💚 Be part of supportive online community of like minded people.

💚 No judgement – everyone’s journey is different, we’ll help you find your own way.

💚 No perfection required – every small step counts!

💚 Help shape the way we grow and develop Raising Earth into the perfect resource for YOU!

Choose your perfect plan

Choose whether to pay monthly or annually.

Our annual plan makes a perfect gift!

Monthly Plan

£ 10 Per Month
  • One LOW COST monthly payment

Annual Plan

£ 120 Per Year
  • Access to EVERYTHING for a whole year
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